Digging for Dinosaurs
June 3rd – June 7th


There are discoveries to be made!  The world of dinosaurs will come to life through fossil hunts, mock digs, and engaging, hands-on activities.  We will explore the lives of dinosaurs and the evidence that scientists use to learn about these prehistoric creatures!

Camp Out
June 10th – June 14th


This week will consist of nature walks, animal education, outdoor scavenger hunt, identifying animal tracks, and much more. Campers and counselors will explore a variety of nature walks and activities throughout the outdoors.

Superhero Camp
June 17th – June 21st


The Avengers are opening up their ranks to those campers who have what it takes! Join us for a week of superhero training and high-flying action as we prepare to show them what we’ve got!

Passport Around the World
June 24th – June 28th


Collect stamps in your GSA Passport as you “travel around the world” singing songs, making art, playing games and embracing other activities and traditions from around the world.

Party in the USA
July 1st – July 5th


Celebrate America during this red, white and blue packed week. Campers will be creating camp-themed banners, songs, and their very own 4th of July Mascot!


Adventures Under the Sea
July 8th – July 12th


Up for a game of sharks and minnows?  Want to make a Soctopus?  Mermaids, shells, fish, whales and did we mention SHARKS abound as we explore life under the sea through nature, craft projects, and storytelling.  Of course, no Under the Sea week would be complete without a day of wet, wild and wacky water games!

Camp Olympics
July 15th – July 19th


Enjoy the great outdoors as we partake in classic summertime games such as tug-of-war, hopscotch, kickball and more! 

Amazing Artists
July 22nd – July 26th

Paint, Play, Draw and Build crazy cool creations! This camp is ALL about little artists making BIG things!

Fabulous Fair
July 29th – August 2nd


Step right up and enjoy this fun and fabulous Fair themed week. Play classic fair games including ring toss, balloon pop, Frisbee throw, and parachute games too! Laugh and learn with your friends while having three legged races, popcorn, and creating and playing your own unique fair games!

Good Samaritan Summer Camp is available to rising 1st-rising 3rd graders.


Camp Registration Fee – $20 per camper, per week
Camp by the week – $150 per camper, per week

Discount Opportunities Available for Siblings